April 14, 2017



Is your band looking to do something bigger? Do you have the next great metal album waiting to be spread to the masses? We want to talk to you. There are tons of pay-to-play “labels” out there. We have all heard the stories of artists getting ripped off and having the world promised to them by a label that simply wants to line their pockets. As current and former musicians, we have heard it all. This is why we will not make promises of success or wildly inaccurate portrayals of what is possible. We know and understand the music scene and see that there is opportunity for driven artists to make it.

If you have the work ethic and the grit to accomplish your goal, we want to talk to you about the services that we can provide at Big Balls Records. The only promise we make is that we will lay out a path that best suits your band and go for the kill. If you are willing to work hard, so are we. Half-assed musicians need not apply. For more information about what Big Balls Records can do, contact us.


Phone Numbers:
+46(0)703 713356 (Europe and Scandinavia)
1-303-725-2773 (United States)