Damien was formed in 2003 in Karlstad, Sweden, by members from different parts of the Swedish hardcore scene. With its rigid, yet melodic sound, the band has attracted crowds to venues across Sweden for over ten years. Damien makes music primarily for its own sake, but also to challenge and force reflection. In 2014 the band release their first full length album ‘Carry the fire’.

‘Carry the fire’ places not only man’s ego against the wall, but also challenge the existence where hatred and jealousy thrives and materialistic things become more important than everything else. The album is produced by Mats Lindström at Big Balls Productions in Karlstad and is mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege in the U.S., who’s been working with bands like Converge, All Pigs Must Die, and High on Fire.


Damien is:

Pär Gäfvert – Vocals
Anders Forsell – Guitar
Per Grönroos – Guitar
Martin Magnusson – Drums
Anders Carlborg – Bass